FAQ - New Isetan Privilege Membership


Q1: What is the Isetan Privilege Membership?

A: The Isetan Privilege Membership is a point accumulation membership for use at Isetan Singapore stores. You may register for free, upgrade your membership or link your physical membership card via the Isetan Privilege application available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Q2: What is the difference between the current and new Isetan Privilege Membership?

A: You can now earn up to 7 I-Points per dollar spent and your qualifying period has been extended from 6 months to 1 year.


Q3: What are the different tiers of the New Isetan Privilege Membership and how do I change my tier?

A: There are 4 tiers in the New Isetan Privilege Membership. The White tier is free and you may upgrade to the Bronze tier by paying a membership fee of $10.90. You can also get a free upgrade by spending the minimum spend for each tier as per the table.

*Excluding GST and based on nett amount transacted. Nett amount refers to payments excluding GST, all types of vouchers and promotions.
^From the month of registration. Excluding GST


Q4: What is the validity period of the new Isetan Privilege Membership?

A: There is no expiry for active White members. Bronze, Silver and Gold members have up to 1 year validity period. 


Q5: Will my membership tier be updated instantly?

A: If you hit the minimum spending for the next tier, your status will be updated by the next day. If you have paid the $10.90 membership fee to upgrade from White to Bronze, your status will be updated on the same day.


Q6: How do I maintain my tier status in the following year?

A: As your membership tier is determined by your nett spending in the current validity period, you are required to meet the minimum spend requirement for the respective tier.


Q7: What will happen to my membership when I return or refund my purchase?

A: All points and nett spending awarded from that transaction will be reversed. If your nett spending has fallen below the minimum spend requirement, your membership will be downgraded.


Q8: Can I still get a physical card instead of using the app?

A: Unfortunately, we have stopped the issuance of the physical Isetan Privilege Membership cards from 1 July 2024 as part of our green initiative.


Q9: How do I track my accumulated expenditure if I wish to become a Bronze, Silver or Gold tier member?

You can track your accumulated expenditure on the Isetan Privilege App. Alternatively, you may approach our Customer Service Counters in-store for assistance.


Existing Members:

Q10: I am currently holding an Isetan Membership CARD, how do I transfer my membership to the Isetan Privilege App?

A: Simply download the latest version of the Isetan Privilege App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, enter your email address and fill up the registration form. For detailed instructions, please refer to: <LINK>.


Q11: I am already on the Isetan Privilege App, what do I need to do?

A: As you are already on the Isetan Privilege App, you only need to update to the latest version from 1 July 2024. When you login with your existing email address and password, you should see your new card tier.


Q12: How is my new tier determined?

A: Existing Isetan Privilege members will be converted to the Bronze tier or higher. Isetan Insiders will be converted to the White tier.

Your new membership tier is determined based on your total nett purchase (excluding GST) from 1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024. Your tier will correspond to the minimum spending requirement as stated in the membership table above.


Q13: What will happen to my current I-Points?

A: Eligible I-points will be automatically converted into E-Rebate Vouchers, the balance will not be carried forward and will be reflected in the Isetan Privilege app from 1 July 2024. 


Q14: What will happen to my current membership expiry date?

A: Your current membership expiry date will remain unchanged. Please refer to the Isetan Privilege App.


I-Points Related:

Q15: Will my membership tier be downgraded if I redeem my I-Points for E-Rebates?

A: Redemption of points for E-Rebate Vouchers will not affect your membership tier progress as your tier progress is based on your nett spending.


Q16: How do I earn points with the Isetan Privilege Membership?

A: I-Points will be awarded for every $1.00 nett spend at all Isetan Departmental Stores and the Isetan Supermarket. Varying I-Points will be issued depending on the membership tier. Some items are not entitled to receive I-Points, please refer to our terms and conditions for details.


Q17: Can I still accumulate points if I did not scan my membership?

A: Your membership must be scanned during the transaction in order to accumulate points.


Q18: How do I check my accumulated points?

A: You can check your I-Point balance in the Isetan Privilege App.


Q19: When will my I-points be updated?

A: Your I-points will be updated within the day of your purchase.


Q20: Do my I-Points expire?

A: At the end of each validity period, eligible I-Points will be automatically converted into E-Rebate Vouchers if the entitlement qualifier is met, any balance points will not be carried forward to the next qualifying period or transferred to another account and has no monetary value whatsoever at any point of time.


Q21: Why don’t the I-Points I received tally with my purchased amount?

A: Issuance of I-Points are based on:

  1. Nett purchase amount excluding GST,
  2. After deducting any issuance of promotion vouchers from the purchase,
  3. After the usage of all types of vouchers (For the full list, refer to the Terms and Conditions)
  4. Excluding selected special buys, supermarket items, discounted items, etc. (For the full list, refer to the Terms and Conditions)


Q22: What can I do with my accumulated I-Points?

A: For every 1,000 I-Points accumulated, you will be entitled to $10 E-Rebate Vouchers to offset your next purchase.


E-Promotion/Rebate Vouchers:

Q23: When will my E-Rebate/Promotion Vouchers be reflected in the Isetan Privilege App?

A: Your voucher balance(s) will be updated within the day of purchase.


Q24: How long are E-Rebate Vouchers valid for?

A: E-Rebate Vouchers have a validity of at least 6 months. You may refer to the app for the validity of your vouchers.