Zinc Flyte Midi Chloe The Unicorn

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26 x 48 x 33
Zinc Flyte Midi Chloe The Unicorn

Zinc Flyte MIDI Chloe The Unicorn is a half-scooter, half suitcase hybrid. The suitcase scooter is ideal for children ages 3-8.

Meet Chloe the Unicorn! Whether you’re gliding across rainbows or travelling the globe, this fantastical Flyte will take you on a magical adventure you’ll never forget!. Pull out the stem and you’ve got yourself a wheeled case. Fold out the deck and you’ve got a scooter. Put it all away and you’ve got a piece of luggage that can easily be stowed away.

Weight : 3.6kg

Comes with 1 Year Warranty.


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