Winix 5 Stage Air Cleaner

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Winix 5 Stage Air Cleaner

Made in Korea 

The Winix Air Purifier will improve the air quality in the home, office or medical premises by cleaning out the airborne pollutants like mold spores, dust and dust mite, pollens, smoke, pet dander, odours, harmful chemicals & gases and importantly viruses and bacteria.

While this cleaner air brings relief to asthma sufferers and anyone affected by respiratory issues, anyone can benefit from using the Winix air purifier to protect themselves from the harmful effects of polluted indoor air. Breathe easier, sleep better, feel rested and more refreshed.

True HEPA Efficiency: 99.99%

Filteration: 5 - Stage Air Cleaning

  1. Washable Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter
  2. 99.99% effective Washable True HEPA
  3. Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Shield
  4. Washable AOCTM (Advanced Odour Control ) Carbon Filter
  5. PLASMAWAVE® Technology

AHAM Room Size Rating: 284 sq. ft. - Large Room

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