Tom Kha 30g

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Tom Kha 30g

The taste you can experience from the secret recipes by Mr Kanok and Mrs Wan , the known Thai food specialities for over 40 Years . Their cooking recipe is legendary, as all the ingredients are generously and carefully selected in each manufacturing step, making the food you cook have a savory taste . Tom Kha, yet another popular Thai dish that is well sought after. It has the sweet and sour taste like Tom Yum but minus the spiciness. Often cooked with coconut, the creamy curry is great for those who can't stand the heat.

Cooking Directions:

Boil coconut milk (1cup/240ml). Add Kanokwan Tom Kha Paste.

Add meat and simmer until it is cooked.

Add water (1cup/240ml) and simmer until meat is tender.

Add coconut milk (1cup/240ml) and mushrooms. Bring to a boil. Add additional seasoning to taste.

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