Tavola Risotto Chips Tomato Basil

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Tavola Risotto Chips Tomato Basil
Tavola Risotto Chips start with premium rice and end with an unforgettably satisfying crunch. Our Risotto chips are a gourmet rebuttal to the bland-tasting diet rice cakes out there.
Say goodbye to boring rice cakes! . Baked to be naturally heart-healthy, each grain of rice delivers in full­on flavor and crunch.

Our rice is cooked to be fragrant and savory, then double baked to create a uniquely satisfying texture and crunch, and finally dusted with spice blends that will bring your taste buds to life.
✔ Premium Rice
✔Gluten Free
✔ Corn Free
✔ Wheat Free
✔ Trans Fat Free
✔ Double Baked to ensure crispiness

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