Spa Me Glycerin Soap Bar (125g) (Assorted Scents)

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Spa Me Glycerin Soap Bar (125g) (Assorted Scents)

Country: Thailand

These Glycerin soap bars are handmade and cold pressed with natural plant based essential oils, olive oils, cucumber, pomegranate and Aloe Vera extracts. They are gentle on the skin, providing good healing, cooling and hydrating effect. They are also free from synthetic additives, making them suitable for sensitive skin.


White Chempaka (Energises Body) - With vanilla undertones, igniting passion and evoke notion of indulgence and pleasure.

Jasmine (Lifts Mood) - Stimulating the senses and dissolving emotional barriers and encourages intimacy to a desired level.

Wrightia Religiosa (Eases Tension) - Sweet and slightly zesty scent, like a true summer holiday.

Orange Jasmine (Cleanses Body) - Tangy lemon scent with a hint of orange undertones; refreshing and invigorating.

Plumeria (Relieves Stress) - Subtle fruity with intense floral scent, nurturing tranquility and peace for the mind, spirit and soul.


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