Soft Cooler Daily Tote 25L (Camp Map)

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Soft Cooler Daily Tote 25L (Camp Map)

Ideal for use as lunch bag to school or office, grocery shopping for chilled snacks and/ or breast feed milk for infants for short excursion. Keep content cold for up to 5 hours (with use of soft ice pack, sold separately). Unlike other soft cooler bags in the market that leaks, Coleman soft cooler bag is engineered to ensure there will be no liquid leakage, this ensures no liquid mess and spills.


*Kindly note that Coleman products required 4 WORKING DAYS TO PROCESS. Please choose delivery or collection dates more than 4 working days for your order to be successfully proceeded.

*Payment for purchase of Coleman products must be made separately from the payment of purchase of other items available on line. 

*Orders of Coleman products under $200 will be subjected to a $30 delivery fee per item.

*If your order of Coleman products exceed $200, please use this code "CMFREEDEL" upon checkout for waiver of delivery fee per item.

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