SOFINA Moisturizing Emulsion <Moisture> (60g)

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SOFINA Moisturizing Emulsion <Moisture> (60g)

Fortifies the moisture-retaining structures between skin cells by sealing in water so that skin stays hydrated over long periods. 


Lasting Ceramide Care Formula

Fortifies the moisture-retaining structures between the cells of the skin’s horny layer, which become disorganized as they dry out. Water is sealed in, and the horny layer stays moist over long periods.


 *Ceramide care: Skin care that moisturizes by supporting and supplementing the action of ceramides


Cultured Tuberose Essence α*

Cells from the petals of tuberose —cultured for three years in a harsh environment to weed out all but 0.5%—produce the essence that goes into our moisturizing formula.

*Moisturizing ingredient: Tuberose polysaccharide, glycerin


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