Sky Viper SCOUT Streaming Video Drone

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49.53cm x 33.02cm x 7.62cm
Sky Viper SCOUT Streaming Video Drone

Surface Scan Technology makes flying easy
Adjustable Wide angle Camera for video streaming and recording
Includes 1 Lipo rechargeable - Controller requires 3 AA not included*
Professional Grade Firmware for simple and stable flight

Sky Viper Drones deliver hobby-grade performance with easy-to-fly features. The Scout Video Done is a 240mm full-sized performance drone featuring Skyrocket's new Surface Scan Technology - making Sky Viper Drones easier to fly than ever before! Surface Scan Technology dramatically increases drone stability, allowing the drone to stay in one spot, even when you let go of the controls! This innovative new technology works up to 100 feet and radically improves flight experience by providing superior control. Also included is professional grade, award winning ArduPilot firmware for the best flying experience in its class, auto launch and land, one-touch stunts, extended flight time and the ability to stream and record HD video. Drone has Micro SD slot (card sold separately) enabling direct video recording


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