Sky Viper FURY Stunt Drone with Surface Scan

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34.29cm x 29.21cm x 7.62cm
Sky Viper FURY Stunt Drone with Surface Scan

Surface Scan Technology makes flying easy
Dual Flight Mode - Normal or Sport flight
Includes 1 Lipo rechargeable - Controller requires 3 AA not included*
Professional Grade Firmware for simple, stable flight

The Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone simplifies flying and outperforms other drones in its class. The Fury introduces Surface Scan technology, making drones easier to fly than ever before. It includes a tiny camera sensor on the underside of the drone that tracks and analyzes surface patterns at nearly 200 times per second. It enables you to fly in any direction using just one stick as well as maintain your hover with ease. The Fury also features professional grade, award winning ArduPilot firmware for the best flying experience in its class. Perfect for flying fast outside, the lightweight Fury Stunt Drone is also safe enough to use indoors.


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