Sisley Eau de Parfum Eau du Soir 50ml

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50 ml
Sisley Eau de Parfum Eau du Soir 50ml
An Eau de Parfum for women.
Refined, elegant and timeless.
Eau du Soir evokes a stroll through the gardens of Alcazar in Seville, in Spain, at dusk, when the Syringa flower exhales its fragrance. A refined eau de parfum, combining the freshness of citrus with the sensuality of florals, highlighted by an elegant chypre signature.

It's love at first sight between Mandarin and sun-drenched Grapefruit. The intense absolute of Rose and delicate Jasmine boldy respond to the bewitching notes of Syringa and Ylang-ylang. The final touch: base notes of Amber and Patchouli embrace the fruity, floral notes, leaving a decidedly elegant scent in its wearer's wake.

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