Sisely Eye and Lip Gel Make-up Remover 120ml

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Sisely Eye and Lip Gel Make-up Remover 120ml

The Eye and Lip Gel Make-up Remover combines effective make-up removal and true skin care benefits, to turn eye and lip make-up removal into a special moment of well-being and skin care.


Its soft and melting gel texture provides a pleasant sensation of freshness upon application and does not leave an oily feel.


Tough (est-ce le terme proposé par l'agence de traduction ?) with make-up, even stubborn and waterproof, it captures make-up pigments, dust and other impurities, and clears the lashes and eyelids of the slightest trace of make-up.


Perfectly cleansed, the eye area is fresher and the eye contour area moisturized and luminous.


The Gel Make-up Remover helps reduce the loss of the lashes due to make-up removal. The lashes are enhanced, softer and glossier.


Tolerance tested under ophthalmological(and dermatological control. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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