Side by Side Travel Packer (Black)

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Side by Side Travel Packer (Black)

The Sleek & All-Purpose Toiletry Bag.

A sleek and versatile toiletry bag organizer created for all travelers. It is designed to maximize the constraints of a small luggage space.

Make your trips more efficient and comfortable by carrying all you need in one bag.


- Multiple hanging positions, can adopt a standing, high hanging, or low hanging position

- Mesh pockets to let damp items breathe and dry

- Leak proof

- Dual access zippers

- Discreet pocket for discreet items

- Quick access pocket with fixed lanyard for keys

- Two detachable and leak proof Dopp Cubes in small and large


Product Details:

Dimensions: 29 cm (Height) x 21cm (Width), 4cm (Depth)

Weight: 490g

Material: Polyester


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