Shiseido Global Suncare Perfect UV Protector (50ml)

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Shiseido Global Suncare Perfect UV Protector (50ml)

A lightweight protective sunscreen for the face and body that becomes more effective when it comes into contact with water, delivering the best coverage under the sun for healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

Swim, play, and enjoy the outdoors—knowing your sunscreen loves water as much as you do. Providing powerful protection for your skin, this innovative protective veil actually becomes even more effective on the applied area when exposed to water for 15 minutes, because of its WetForce technology. This unique formula includes beneficial ingredients to help prevent skin dryness and oxidation, just be sure to reapply immediately after towel drying. Ideal for outdoor activities and sports, it provides high sun protection, yet is comfortable and gentle on the skin.

This product is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.


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