SERUM O.N.E. 90g

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SERUM O.N.E. 90g

●Activate circulation power.  
Serum with high-concentration carbonic lather.
Carbonated foam serum , which is the starting point for care .
It contains beauty ingredients luxuriously to moisturize and soften the skin.
This serum is enhanced with the double effect of carbonic acid × circulation-promoting ingredients.
It works on blood - the source of energy for circulation - to improve circulation power.
It is also generously formulated with serum ingredients.

Improving skin from its foundation, this serum is the starting point of care that enhances the effect of subsequent skincare products.
●Formulated with G.P. Cycle Complex α (yuzu extract, DPG)
●Formulated nicotinamide to promote blood flow
●Formulated with ATP spiral FO (fucus serratus extract, propanediol)
●Formulated with ectoine
●Bright bouquet fragrance with a floral green accord bursting with vitality

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