Seafood Vermicelli Sauce 200ml

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Seafood Vermicelli Sauce 200ml

The taste you can experience from the secret recipes by Mr Kanok and Mrs Wan , the known Thai food specialities for over 40 Years . Their cooking recipe is legendary, as all the ingredients are generously and carefully selected in each manufacturing step, making the food you cook have a savory taste . Seafood Vermicelli is an iconic dish in all Thai Seafood Restaurant. The rich flavour of ginger, garlic and pepper is sure to tantalize your taste bud. We recommend it with our UNBLEACHED vermicelli with is made from 100% mung bean and with its natural springiness.

Cooking Directions: (shake well before using)

Soak dry vermicelli 40g until it is soft, drain and set aside. Or fresh vermicelli 100g.

Add shrimp or favourite meat 100g and vermicelli. Mix Kanokwan Steamed Seafood with vermicelli sauce 3 tsps (33g for 2-3 persons). Add some water.

Layer animal fat slices or vegetable oil 1-3 tbsps at the bottom of a pot. And cover with a lid. Place the clay pot over low heat until cooked. Or easily way to cook with vermicelli stir fry.

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