【Online Special Price】Osechi 3 Tier Set

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Isetan Exclusive
0.99kg (14.8×14.8×4.5cm)
【Online Special Price】Osechi 3 Tier Set

Period : 24 Nov - 25 Dec 2021

Country : Japan (Kyoto- Shozan)

A mini-type triple-layer Osechi provided by the popular restaurant "Senjukaku". Packed with 36 kinds of ingredients, you can fully enjoy the suke of the restaurant that makes use of seasonal ingredients to reproduce the taste of traditional kyoto ryotei. In addition, it is characterized by a gentle color like Kyoto and an arrangement in a kaiseki style. It is ideal for those who want to eat various kinds little by little while also bringing in standard ingredients as well as small families and two couple.

Start the New Year right with our Osechi Set that represents prosperity, good fortune and health. Osechi Ryori are the traditional foods enjoyed on New Year’s day in Japan and it marks the beginning of a brand New Year. Every dish of these traditional foods holds special symbolic meaning in welcoming the New Year and the multi-tiered boxes symbolize the hope that happiness & wealth come continuously, like the layers of lacquerware.

Osechi Sets are sold in frozen condition and needs to be thawed prior to consumption. Please enjoy it as soon as possible.


 Ingredient List

  • Kurumi Kanroni (Seasoned Walnuts)
  • Broccoli To Mame No Salad (Vegetable Salad)
  • Kinkan (Cooked Kumquat)
  • Tazukurini (Cooked Sardine)
  • Ryoutei Datemaki (Baked Fish Cake)
  • Iwaiebi (Cooked Shrimp)
  • Kodai Hishioyaki (Grilled Crimson Sea Bream)
  • Kazunoko Wasabi Fumi (Seasoned Herring Roe)
  • Kazunoko Matsumaezuke (Seasoned Herring Roe)
  • Kuromame Kinpaku (Seasoned Black Soybean with Gold Foil)
  • Tsubugai Uni Mentai Ae (Prepared Whelk)
  • Kintoki Ninjin (Seasoned Carrot)
  • Komochi Ika (Cooked Squid with Herring Roe)
  • Anzu Sawayakani (Seasoned Apricot)
  • Wakamomo Kanroni (Cooked Peach)
  • Naruto Kintokiimo Lemon Ni (Cooked Sweet Potato)
  • Kohaku Namasu (Seasoned Radish)
  • Masu Shoyu Ikura (Seasoned Cooked Salmon Roe)
  • Kohada Awaduke (Prepared Gizzard Shad)
  • Kohakuichimatsu Kamaboko (Fish Cake)
  • Kinton (Seasoned Bean)
  • Shibukawa Kuri Kanroni (Boiled Chestnuts)
  • Manganji No Amakarani (Cooked Chilli Pepper)
  • Maguro Kakuni (Seasoned Cooked Tuna)
  • Renkon Amakara Ae (Seasoned Lotus Root)
  • Umefu (Gluten Cake)
  • Nomaki Hourensou (Fish Cake)
  • Nomaki Ebi (Fish Cake)
  • Komatsunato Ageno Nimono (Seasoned Vegetables)
  • Tataki Gobou (Cooked Burdock)
  • Shiitake Umani (Cooked Shiitake Mushroom)
  • Yomogifu (Gluten Cake)
  • Awafu (Gluten Cake)
  • Hitokuchi Konbumaki (Seasoned Kelp)
  • Hotsuki Takenoko (Cooked Bamboo Shoot)
  • Temariyuba (Seasoned Soybean Curd)


Terms & Conditions

  • Osechi Sets sold are strictly non-refundable nor exchangeable
  • Only available for Self-Collection at Isetan Scotts Supermarket


*Images is for illustration purposes only. 


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