【Online Special Price】Osechi 1 Tier Set

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Isetan Exclusive
W19.5 x L19.5 x H3.5(cm)
【Online Special Price】Osechi 1 Tier Set

Period : 24 Nov - 25 Dec 2021

Country : Japan 

Start the New Year right with our Osechi Set that represents prosperity, good fortune and health. Osechi Ryori are the traditional foods enjoyed on New Year’s day in Japan and it marks the beginning of a brand New Year.

Every dish of these traditional foods holds special symbolic meaning in welcoming the New Year and the multi-tiered boxes symbolize the hope that happiness & wealth come continuously, like the layers of lacquerware.

Osechi Sets are sold in frozen condition and needs to be thawed prior to consumption. Please enjoy it as soon as possible.

*Set comes with a togo paper bag and 2 pairs of chopsticks.

Ingredient List

  • Ikura with gold flakes (50g)
  • Vegetable Sweet Vinegar Roll (2pcs) 
  • Mashed Sweet Potato with Sweet Chestnut (1pc) 
  • Red & White Fish Cake (2pcs) 
  • Syruped Hokkaido Black Soybeans with gold flakes (25g)
  • Simmered Shiitake Mushroom (2pcs) 
  • Yaki Yuba Roll (2pcs) 
  • Simmered Kotobuki Koya-Tofu (1pc) 
  • Pounded Burdock Root (2pcs) 
  • Seasoned Abalone (1pc) 
  • Datemaki (2pcs) 
  • Candied Dried Sardines (10g) 
  • Candied Herring (2pcs) 
  • Seasoned Herring Roe (2pcs) 
  • Tilefish Yu-An Yaki (2pcs) 
  • Simmered Scallop (2pcs) 
  • Simmered Konbu Roll (2pcs) 
  • Simmered Shrimp (2pcs) 


Terms & Conditions

  • Osechi Sets sold are strictly non-refundable nor exchangeable
  • Only available for Self-Collection at Isetan Scotts Supermarket


*Images is for illustration purposes only. 

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