Namaco Black Sea Cucumber Cleansing Gel × 2

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Namaco Black Sea Cucumber Cleansing Gel × 2


This value set includes two tubes of cleansing gel. This cleansing gel is made in Japan and made from black sea cucumber extract and other natural ingredients. Its key benefit is to gently clean your face without drying your skin.


■Product benefits

This thick gel gently removes face, eye, lip makeup, and sunscreen from deep inside the pores. Massage your skin with the gel and rinse with warm or cold water. It contains natural ingredients such as rapeseeds, coconut oil, and palm oil. These plant-based ingredients are able to clean out your pores without harming and drying your skin.



This gel contains natural ingredients: black sea cucumber extract, rapeseeds, palm oil, and coconut oil. It is ethanol-free, fragrance-free, with no synthetic dyes, no paraffinum liquidum, and no petroleum-based surfactant.


■Other Information

size: 150g

quantity: 2

made in Japan


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