Moonstar Carrot Sandals (Assorted Colours)

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Moonstar Carrot Sandals (Assorted Colours)

Moonstar shoes are not only aesthetically appealing, lightweight but also functional!

The solid insoles used can support the arch of the feet. It also comes with thick heel stabilizer that supports landing stability.

These shoes are designed to give spacious movement around the toes. The material used is formulated to give anti-bacterial and deodorant effect. The insoles are also made for quick dry, and are washable when needed.

The soles of the shoes are made for non-slip and provide good support all around the feet.


Kids’ Shoes Conversion Chart

Approx. Age

Approx. Height

Japan / CM

6 – 9 months

74 cm


9 – 12 months

80 cm


12 – 18 months

84 cm


18 – 24 months

86 cm


2 years

92 cm



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