Merries Walker Pants (XL) (38's)

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Merries Walker Pants (XL) (38's)


Country: Japan

Kao Merries Walker Pants specially designed with exceptional breathability and super absorbency to allow the baby to feel comfortable and dry. It has comfortable fit which allows freedom of movement. The pants are also well-gathered around the waist; helping to hold the diaper in place. There is a core lock-in and instant absorbency to prevent leakage. Mothers will know it's time to change the diapers with the colour-changing wetness indicators.


Simply put hands through the bottom of the pants and gently ease the baby's legs into the openings. Lift the waistline of the pants above the baby's navel. Check the fit around the elastic waistband to ensure that the gathers around the thighs are not folded inwards.


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