Merries Tape Diapers (L) (54's)

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Merries Tape Diapers (L) (54's)


Country: Japan

The new layer air-through system allows the tape diaper to have 40% more breathability and reduces moisture and stuffiness, allowing the baby to have long-lasting fresh, clean and dry feeling. It has a soft airy inner wavy surface and super absorbent sheet which traps poo and locks away pee. This leaves the tape diapers surface drier and prevents diaper rash. The ultra softness flexi-fit shape accommodates baby's active movements without abrasions.

Spread out the new diaper and raise the inner gathers. Place the new diaper directly beneath the soiled diaper. Pull the top part of the new diaper up until it is slightly above your baby's navel. Gently lift up your baby's bottom and pull out the soiled diaper. Place your fingers over the inner gathers to keep them raised and lift the diaper over your baby's navel. Hold down the side of the diaper and pull the tape over. Fasten the tape and give a slight tug at the back to ensure that the tape is in place.


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