Kua Kling Stir Fry Curry Paste 50g

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Kua Kling Stir Fry  Curry Paste 50g

The taste you can experience from the secret recipes by Mr Kanok and Mrs Wan , the known Thai food specialities for over 40 Years . Their cooking recipe is legendary, as all the ingredients are generously and carefully selected in each manufacturing step, making the food you cook have a savory taste . Kua Kling is the famous dish of Southern Thailand. For people who can take the heat of the real "SPICY"

Cooking Directions:

Bring 1-3 tbsps cooking oil to medium heat in a frying pan.

Add mince chicken or favorite meat 200g to pan. Add Kanokwan Kua Kling Stir Fry Curry Paste 3 tbsps (50g). Stir until fully cooked and fragrant.

Add addtional seasoning to taste. (sugar 1 tsp preferred). Add sliced lemongrass, chopped kaffir lime leaves and sliced fresh long red chili. Stir fry until cooked.

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