Terms & Conditions of the Isetan Privilege Card Agreement

1. Isetan Privilege Card ("IPC") is a point accumulation card. IPC member ("member") can earn I-points for purchases made at any Isetan Department Store including Isetan Scotts Supermarket in Singapore by presenting their IPC to the cashier during payment.

2. A membership fee of S$10.00 is payable every 2 years in advance of membership. Renewal fee will be waived if member accumulates a minimum total of 1,000 I-points within 2 years from the month of issue or renewal.

3. A replacement fee of S$2.00 will levied for each lost or damaged IPC Card.

4. The IPC and I-points are non-transferable. I-points will only be awarded for purchases made by the member and upon presentation of member’s IPC.

5. One I-point will be awarded for every S$1.00 nett amount purchase (excluding GST) at Isetan Departmental stores and one I-point will be awarded for every $3.00 nett amount purchase at Isetan Scotts Supermarket (excluding GST).

6. The following purchases are not entitled to I-points:- Purchases made at Fast Food Outlets, Cafes & Restaurants, Esprit, World of Sports, SONY, Hair & Beauty Salons, Bakery, purchases of Isetan Gift Vouchers, Liquors, Cigarettes, Services, Invoice Sales and any other products or services which Isetan (Singapore) Limited may from time to time prescribe.

7. The following payment modes are not entitled to I-points:- Isetan Credit Cards (local or international), any kind of Isetan Voucher (Gift Vouchers, Rebate Vouchers, Promotion Vouchers or Discount Vouchers) Exchange Form or Deposit.

8. Members are entitled to redeem Isetan Rebate Vouchers if they have accumulated a minimum of 300 I-points within each 6 months’ period starting from the month of issue.

9. At the end of each qualifying period, all unredeemed I-points will not be carried forward. Unredeemed I-points cannot be transferred to another account and has no monetary value whatsoever at any point of time.

10. I-points must be accumulated on the same day of purchase only. Previous or backdated receipts are not valid for I-points accumulation.

11. Isetan (Singapore) Limited shall not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience arising from the mailing of any correspondence or notice to the latest address available in the member’s records and prior to the receipt of notice of any update from the member.

12. Application must be made in person at the Customer Service Department in any Isetan store. Member must be at least 16 years old and above.

13. Isetan (Singapore) Limited may at its sole discretion amend a member’s I-points and at any time refuse or recall any redemption by a member if any official notification had been erroneously awarded to the member for any reason whatsoever.

14. Isetan (Singapore) Limited reserves the right to amend the privileges, terms and conditions of the IPC programme at its sole discretion from time to time without prior notice.

15. Other terms and conditions apply.