Holy Basil Sauce 50g

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Holy Basil Sauce 50g

The taste you can experience from the secret recipes by Mr Kanok and Mrs Wan , the known Thai food specialities for over 40 Years . Their cooking recipe is legendary, as all the ingredients are generously and carefully selected in each manufacturing step, making the food you cook have a savory taste . Delicious, rustic, spicy stir-fry featuring the aroma of holy basil.

Cooking ingredients:

cooking oil 2 Tbsp

Ground or Sliced meat or Tofu 200g,

Sliced mushroom, Bell Pepper (optional)

Kanokwan Holy Basil Sauce 1 bag

Step1: Bring cooking oil to medium heat in a frying pan (1-2minutes)

Step2: Add meat/ Tofu/ Vegetables to pan and stir until nearly cooked (3-5 minutes)

Step3: Add Holy Basil Sauce, Stir until fully cooked and fragrant (3-5minutes). Enjoy with steamed rice.

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