Hakata Torinom

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Isetan Exclusive
Hakata Torinom

Fukuoka City /Fukuoka

Brand: Meigetsu-Do is confectionries factory was established in 1929 at Fukuoka.
They have the concept of "Hakata Western Japanese sweets" in order to make original products that fuse Japanese sweets and Western sweets.

Product: Hakata's masterpiece manju "Hakata-Torimon", which contains soft bean paste that melts on your tongue. The white bean paste, which is carefully kneaded using
high-quality ingredients, has a moist and elegant sweetness. It is deliciously baked by wrapping it in a gentle skin with the scent of milk.
"Hakata-Torimon" is a popular as a specialty & souvenir from Fukuoka / Hakata and as a Japanese sweet. It also received many awards for confectioneries and souvenirs in Japan.

Size 8pcs

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