GardenScent WFN All-Grain Powder (Organic ) 500g

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GardenScent WFN All-Grain Powder (Organic ) 500g

GardenScent Wholefood Nutrition All-Grain Best Energy Food (GS All-Grain Powder) is a nutritious functional food made from 6 organic grains | seeds – Oat Bran, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet and Chia Seeds.


This grain powder is formulated by using a patented food technology process which is able to extract the unique nutritional value of each and every grain | seed and make them more available to the body for easy digestion and maximum absorption.


Salient nutrition and health benefits of our GS All-Grain Powder:


A good source of plant proteins with essential amino acids


High in dietary fibre and oat beta-glucan; helps improve cholesterol levels, reduce cardiovascular diseases and manage blood sugar level.


Nutrient-dense, contains naturally-occurring macro-and micronutrients which are required by the body for growth, maintenance and to function properly.


Rich in complex-carbohydrate, provides meal satiety, avoid sudden cravings or spike-then-crash scenario. Ideal for athletics, diabetics and people on diet.


All-Grain beverage has a smooth mouth-feel, suitable for all ages, especially the elderly or people with swallowing issues.


Convenient, versatile, easy to incorporate this wholesome grain powder into your daily diet. Simply add to water, milk, any beverages of your choice, cold juices or smoothies. Can also be added to pudding, baking or soup recipes.

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