Fortuna Return Alive Anti-bacterial Tshirt in White

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Fortuna Return Alive Anti-bacterial Tshirt in White

Five descending parachutes printed on the front resembles escaping and survival from a crisis. The designer designs this slogan in hope that new hope will emerge from this situation and after landing on the new world.

The t-shirt is created with a single tone of white colour which further supports the slogan and its story about restarting from a blank sheet.


The TioTio® PREMIUM treatment, (anti-bacterial treatment) applied to T-shirts, uses a hybrid catalyst® solvent that has shown effective test data against specific viruses with envelopes (lipid membranes). This processing agent has been certified by the Textile Evaluation Technology Council as having examined its effectiveness, durability, and safety, and has been certified as meeting the standards.


In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, it also has deodorant and antifouling properties. Since the catalyst does not evaporate or elute at room temperature, the effect lasts for a long time even after repeated washing, which is also a feature of TioTio® PREMIUM processing.


*Anti-bacterial processing does not guarantee infection prevention. * TioTio® and Hybrid Catalyst® are registered trademarks of Sunward Shokai Co., Ltd. * Our trademark license number: SW20060831.


Product Details:

Material: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Information for Size S: Length 63cm, Width 46cm, Shoulder width 38cm, Sleeve length 18cm

Information for Size M: Length 66cm, Width 48cm, Shoulder width 42cm, Sleeve length 19cm

Information for Size L: Length 68cm, Width 50cm, Shoulder width 44cm, Sleeve length 20cm

Information for Size LL: Length 70cm, Width 52cm, Shoulder width 46cm, Sleeve length 21cm

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