Fortuna Miracle Pegasus Kids Polo Shirt in Yellow

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Fortuna Miracle Pegasus Kids Polo Shirt in Yellow

Each Fortuna Tokyo polo shirt comes with a message behind its motif.

The message for the Pegasus motif is “In this vast universe, the fact that we are now together is already a miracle.”


Miracle Pegasus design is also available in adult sizes to complete the family matching outfits.



Made of 100% organic cotton (Gentle on children's sensitive skin) with kimono printed pattern

Made in Japan

Size Information:

Size 100: Length 43cm, Shoulder width 28cm, Chest width 33cm, Hem width 33cm, Sleeve length 16cm

Size 110: Length 45cm, Shoulder width 29.5cm, Chest width 35cm, Hem width 35cm, Sleeve length 17.5cm

Size 120: Length 47.5cm, Shoulder width 31cm, Chest width 37cm, Hem width 37cm, Sleeve length 17.5cm

Size 130: Length 50.5cm, Shoulder width 32.5cm, Chest width 39cm, Hem width 39cm, Sleeve length 17.5cm

Size 140: Length 54cm, Shoulder width 34cm, Chest width 41cm, Hem width 41cm, Sleeve length 18cm

Size 150: Length 58cm, Shoulder width 37cm, Chest width 44cm, Hem width 44cm, Sleeve length 18cm

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