Fortuna King Mens Polo Shirt in Green

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Fortuna King Mens Polo Shirt in Green

Denim-style kanoko fabric is used to express this polo t-shirt using a special core-spinning structure. The fabric is developed with excellent water absorption which is suitable for golf. The lion and crown motif is designed with inspiration from noble and powerful lions and crowns. It also carries the meaning to support yourself and your friends. ★Message card: "Have confidence in yourself. You are indispensable."

Product Details:
Polo Shirt Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester
Printed Textile Material: 100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Information for Size M: Length 70cm, Width 51cm, Hem width 51cm, Shoulder width 44cm, Neck circumference 40cm
Information for Size L: Length 72cm, Width 54cm, Hem width 54cm, Shoulder width 46cm, Neck circumference 42cm
Information for Size LL: Length 74cm, Width 57cm, Hem width 57cm, Shoulder width 48cm, Neck circumference 44cm

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