Sloggi Ever Fresh Padded Bra Black

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Sloggi Ever Fresh Padded Bra Black

EVER Fresh

Tackle the summer heat from the bottom up with sloggi’s all-new EVER Fresh line – designed to beat the forecast and keep you feeling cool and fresh.

sloggi’s EVER range is committed to creating bodywear with form – beautifully fitted, irresistibly comfortable, and ultra long-lasting. EVER Fresh is specially designed to provide a never-ending feeling of freshness for all-day comfort. That’s no mean feat – and it’s all thanks to the high-tech meshes combined with the unique properties of Creora Fresh elastane and Pima Cotton.

Unlike regular elastane, Creora Fresh is flexible, breathable and odour neutralising. Naturally soft Pima Cotton has moisture absorbing properties that leave skin feeling refreshed. The meshes help stop you getting too hot – and the breathable spacer cups inserted in the bras are an added bonus for women.

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