Cool Singapura The Sports Mask (White)

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Cool Singapura The Sports Mask (White)

THE SPORTS MASK from Cool Singapura, manufactured in Japan, protects you from direct droplets during sports activity while maintaining breathability and comfort.

From choosing the high quality hybrid material BENCOOL made in Japan, which gives you the BEST in all these features:


Improved breathability, feel the difference during sports activity.
The special wire will create a pocket which enhances breathability.

- Comfort

Ultralight, with no pain on the ears. Straps are adjustable.

- UV Protection

97% UV cut, UPF 35+

- Cool Touch

The made in Japan hybrid material ‘Bencool’ produces a cooling effect under the sun and keeps warm in cold environments.

- Quick dry & Repeat Use

Extremely quick dry, just wash and hang.
Machine washable

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