CK One EDT 100ml

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CK One EDT 100ml

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An accessible, clean and easy scent, the ck one eau de toilette is meant to be used lavishly and smells great on everyone. the fragrance reflects the two core values of the brand, individuality and community. ck one inspires you to be yourself, while giving you the confidence to connect with others.

Top notes: Bright and effervescent, a combination of bergamot, cardamom, fresh pineapple and papaya.

Middle notes: Contains the highest quality of hedione high cis, (a special formulation derived from Jasmine), an aromatic that heightens and contributes to the lasting fluidity of the bouquet. Also includes, violet, rose and nutmeg.

Bottom notes: Two new musks combined with amber create a sensuous dry down completing the effect of fullness and warmth.


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