Akagi Shokuhin Joshu Akage Hiyamugi

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Akagi Shokuhin Joshu Akage Hiyamugi

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Country: Japan

Akagi dried hiyamugi noodles are a fine Japanese wheat noodle, which sit between udon noodles and somen noodes in size. Serve the hiyamugi noodles in a similar way to somen or udon noodles.

To cook the dried hiyamugi noodles

Bring a pan of water to boil (for 90g noodles use 1L of water)
Add noodles to the pan and stir occasionally
Simmer for 4-6 minutes or until soft
Drain and wash immediately in cold water.
Serve warm in soup or cold with udon dipping sauce (tsuyu), a blend of dashi stock, soy sauce and sweet mirin rice wine.


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